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5 beautiful back garden tile choices for a new look in 2022

back garden tile

Choosing the best back garden tile to suit your needs

We spent so much time in our gardens during the pandemic, and it’s no wonder! With nowhere else to go, we retreated to our piece of luxury. Outdoor dining grew in popularity, installing hot tubs for a bit of relaxation and getting creative with our flowerbeds were all great pastimes of the pandemic. So now you have fallen in love with your garden again, it might be time to think of upgrading and modernising your walkways and patio areas. 

This month, Aylesbury Tile Centre look at the perfect back garden tile choices that will brighten your outdoor spaces and leave you wanting to spend as much time out there with family and friends as you possibly can. 

Creating that seamless indoor-outdoor feeling to your home

Creating this look doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may seem. Whether you have a cosy house with a few rooms or a luxurious house with a lot of space, creating a seamless transition through your rooms to the outside of your home can transform your home. To get that flowing feel, you simply need to think about your garden space and choose complementary outdoor flooring, such as natural stone.

The right back garden tile choice can turn your outdoor living space into a stunning place where you can entertain, relax in the sunshine or hone those BBQ cooking skills you learned in lockdown. 

Here are just a few of our favourite back garden tile choices

Lodge Outdoor Tiles

We love this tile choice. Lodge tiles give your back garden a look and feel of wooden flooring. Choose from a natural colour or slate grey, depending on your internal flooring. The lodge tile choice is featured in our main photo above, and you can see the options for placing this back garden tile are endless! Made from porcelain with a matt finish, we are sure this tile choice will set your garden apart from the rest. 

Newby Tiles

Newby tiles are great for those with many colours in their home. With a grey base and through in shades of cream and brown, these tiles work well outdoors because of their colour matching skills. Perfect for a raised area where you can entertain guests with some outdoor cooking or create a relaxed seating area where you can enjoy the summer sun (when it makes an appearance!) Newby tiles are glazed porcelain tiles with a matt finish. 

Tatton Tiles

An incredibly popular choice with the more modern homeowner, Tatton Tiles offer colours in a beautiful slate grey or sand colour and can be used both inside and outside to really create a stunning transition. Tatton tiles are porcelain-based with a matt finish. This is a larger tile choice that opens up a space and creates the illusion of a bigger area. Great for one area or for tiling steps in your back garden to separate your lawn from your patio area. 

Harlow Tiles

With many of us choosing a lighter beige feel underfoot in our homes, this outdoor tile choice will offer a continuous approach to your indoor-outdoor living space. Harlow is a porcelain tile with a matt finish and can be used to patio a section of your garden or in conjunction with stones or pebbles to create a pathway to your outdoor dining area. Choose from a beige or grey finish to complete your look. 

Transform your garden with beautiful outdoor tiles

No matter the look you are trying to achieve, at Aylesbury Tile Centre, we have the tiles and the knowledge to support you through your indoor-outdoor living project. Whether you are looking for an outdoor tile to mix with a great mosaic tile design, or you need some help with finding the perfect tile to bring your outdoor living spaces to life, we can support you. 

Having outdoor floor tiles is becoming ever-more popular for several reasons. Tiles are more long-lasting and easier to maintain than traditional decking – whether wood or plastic. There is so much fun to be had with outdoor floor tiles, no matter your outdoor design. From traditional styles to a Mediterranean style and vibe, outdoor tiles can finish your look. 

Don’t forget to set your style apart with carefully chosen outdoor furniture, mood lighting and beautiful plants to get a vibrant and flexible space that could host a children’s party or an adults BBQ evening. 

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Aylesbury Tile Centre can assist with your back garden tile choices

With the warm weather slowly arriving (we promise it will be here at some point!), it’s time to bring your external space alive with your modern garden ideas that give your alfresco dining a new lease of life. Get your tile choices underway now, so you have a finished garden space in time for the summer months. 

Come and visit the Aylesbury Tile Centre showroom on Chamberlain Road, where you will be blown away by our tile choices. Speak to the team who can provide all the knowledge and guidance you need and come away with beautiful tiles to bring your indoor living spaces out into the garden with your beautiful back garden tile choices! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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